The Blessings of Wisdom

The Blessings of Wisdom


Nearly 2000 years ago a reluctant apostle was sent to an unknown destination to spread the word of God and this particular apostle who plays a significant role in bringing to reality the resurrection of our Lord was none other than Thomas Didymus. Thomas is mentioned as one of the twelve apostles chosen by Jesus himself in Matthew 10:3, Mark 3:18, Luke 6:15. Though he was called “Thomas the twin” there is no credible mention about whose twin he was.

Although little is known about his lineage, Thomas ‘s presence in the Gospel is finely etched. His loyalty and steadfastness is portrayed in John 11:16 when he says “Let us all go, that we may die with him” his humility, clean hearted and straight forward approach is portrayed in John 14:5 when after failing to understand Jesus’s teaching about his death and resurrection he raises a doubt “We do not know wither though goest. How can we know the way? Leading to Jesus’s concise revelation “I am the way, The Truth and the Life”. Finally in being the only disciple who was absent when the risen Jesus appeared before his co-disciples, he became the chosen one by divine providence to ratify the resurrection of Jesus, by representing every common man in insisting with childish persistence that his belief lay in his touching the wounds of Christ. Jesus’s response to this universal doubt addressed to all doubting Thomases in John 20: 27 “Put your finger here and look at my hands, Then stretch out your hand and put it in my side. Stop doubting and believe” put to rest all speculations about his resurrection.  That was not all, what followed provided the much needed comfort to future believers when Jesus said “How happy are those who believe without seeing me”. Thomas confessed his faith “My Lord and My God” and lived to fulfill it to the last word by his martyrdom. Thomas is also mentioned as being present at another resurrection appearance of Jesus – at the miraculous catch of fish on lake Tiberias.

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