Parish council

Rector of the Basilica, Rev.Fr. S. Louis Mathias is President of the council and Vice President will be elected or nominated from the council. Mr.D.Thankaraj is the present Vice President and Dr. Mercy Dhinahar is the Secretary of the council.

All zonal presidents will by default become members of the council. Parish council will be represented by religious institutions with their nominated representatives. Pious associations also will be sending their representatives. Parish priest can nominate few members as he deems fit for the welfare and smooth functioning of the parish activities.

Elected members from zones

  1. Ms. Clementia
  2. Mrs. Mercy Zavier
  3. Mr. Robert
  4. Mr. Vincent
  5. Mr. Devanayagam
  6. Mrs. Leena Philip
  7. Mr. Dominic Xavier
  8. Ms. Backiam
  9. Mrs. Sophia
  10. Mr. Rex
  11. Mr. Clement Bernard
  12. Mr. Gladwin
  13. Mrs. Lazer Mary
  14. Mr. Johnson
  15. Mr. Gandhi

Representatives from pious associations and movement

  1. Mrs. Juliet Sevi – Legion of Mary
  2. Mr. Sarprasatha Nathan – Vincent de Paul
  3. Mr. Michael Augustine – Friends of Thomas
  4. Mr. Charu – Youth movement
  5. Mr. Nicholas – Choir
  6. Mr. A. Barnabas – Catechist.

Representatives from Religious

  1. Nazareth Illam – Sr. Crecencia
  2. Arpana – Sr. Filia
  3. Maids of the poor – Sr. Nirmala
  4. Cultural Academy – Sr. Josephine
  5. Bon Secours Convent – Sr. Anthoniyammal
  6. Guru Yesu Illam – Sr. Scholastica
  7. Indhaya Bhavan – Sr. Saritha
  8. St. Thomas Convent – Sr. Sriya Pushpam FMM & Sr. Shanthi FMM
  9. St. Bede’s – Bro. Vikesh SDB
  10. Montfort Brothers – Bro. Alexis SG