This lovely Gothic Church is a treasure trove of architecture. Majestically rising 155 feet from the ground, with a nave measuring 112 feet by 33 feet, and a magnificent sanctuary measuring 62 feet by  length and 33 feet by width, it is adorned with stained glass windows depicting the patron Saint  Thomas and other Apostles. One can find inside the sanctuary a statue of St. Thomas seated.

Yet another attraction in the Basilica is an ancient stained glass work of Our Blessed Mother, in front of which the other great apostle of India, St. Francis Xavier, used to pray.

Currently there are two new structures one being the Tomb Chapel below the Basilica and the other a Museum-cum-Theatre. Exclusive films on the Patron saint Thomas and the church are screened twice daily for local and foreign pilgrims. The new underground chapel has a separate access from outside the church structure, allowing pilgrims and tourists to visit or pray at the tomb without disturbing the sacred proceedings in the church. Eucharistic celebrations happen every day at the fully air-conditioned tomb chapel. A meditation chapel adjoining the main church provides perfectly for those soulful, silent moments with the Eucharistic God. This chapel can be approached from the left wing of the church apart from an exclusive entrance from the outside. The day does not begin for scores of local public without a short or prolonged visit to this Eucharistic chapel.

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